Международный менеджер по продажам

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  • to reach the sales quota;
  • to persistently acquire new customers;
  • to grow their MRR and LTV with cross-selling.




  • Sales to startups, IT companies and common businesses abroad.
  • Communications with customers via LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, messengers at all sales funnel stages - from the first contact till the integration.
  • Understanding customer's business, it's pains and values, and creating the right ideas, messages, presentations, and offers.
  • Negotiations with partners and customers on the pricing and contract terms.
  • Manage and control project pipeline at the integration stage, coordinate the team’s work (internal and external).


Hard skills and qualifications


  • Proven track record of sales to new customers.
  • Relevant work experience not less than 3 years.
  • Good English (C1 and higher).
  • Experience in online networking via LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and cold emailing.
  • Experience in project management.
  • Work experience in IT companies and understanding of the modern web and mobile market.


Soft skills


  • Proactive.
  • Sharing the values of the company.
  • Inspired by the IT industry and cloud solutions.

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