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How to set priority for H.264

Learn how to set H264 as a prior codec when making and recording video calls.

Both VP8 and H.264 are supported for video calls. If VP8 is chosen, the video will be stored in WebM file format, if H.264 - in mp4 file format. If you’re working with WebSDK, set the H264first to true to choose it as the preferred codec. To make changes in some certain calls, use the same H264first parameter of call settings. If it's React, iOS, or Android SDKs you're working with, use the preferredVideoCodec config for all calls and preferredVideoCodec parameter in the call settings for a particular call.

To avoid future problems when building a conference, we recommend that every conference member send videos in the same codec.

The following example shows how to pass H264 to the init function if this codec is available on the target device:

H264 codec for a particular call

H264 codec for a particular call