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How to work with Safari issues (<12.1)

Although the latest versions of Safari support WebRTC, users still may experience some issues with video calls. Previously, Safari used only the H264 codec while other browsers used both H264 and VP8 popular codecs. In case your application uses Safari of version lower than 12.1, you can explicitly specify a video codec list conventionally called "scheme".

If you log in as user1 and want to call user2, a JS scenario has to receive an incoming call from user1, call user2, and connect them. Note that we call the callUser method because we need to pass scheme as an argument to support video calls in Safari:

usage sample

usage sample

That’s all the code we need to support video calls in Safari. Besides this, we’ll only need to create two users and a rule. Switch to the Users tab, create two users named user1 and user2 and set passwords for them. The active checkbox should be selected.

That's it! To learn how to use a demo, read this article.