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SIP calls with TLS

Voximplant supports SIP Secure (SIPS), i.e., the SIP protocol secured with TLS. If you need to overcome the security flaws of the original SIP, either add sips at the beginning of URI or specify TLS at the end of URI in a callSIP method call. This way, the Voximplant cloud can call over TLS to a SIP device connected to another platform/PBX:

Code sample

Code sample

Please note

Currently only the SDES (AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 crypto suite) and DTLS protocols are supported.

Connecting your SIP device

Bear in mind that you can register your SIP device or softphone on our platform with the use of TLS as well. Let's see how it is possible to register a softphone as a Voximplant user on the example of Jitsi Desktop.

  1. Log in to your Voximplant account, create an application (e.g., call it sip) and a user (e.g., call it softphone) within it.
  1. Open the Jitsi app and go to Settings, a default tab will appear – Accounts. Being here, click Add. Specify the SIP network, the full name of the created user (user name + @ + sip + account name + voximplant.com) and its password, then click Add.
  1. Click Edit to change the settings of this newly created account. Switch to the Connection tab and clear the Configure proxy automatically checkbox. Then specify your proxy (sip + account name + voximplant.com), port 5061, and TLS as preferred transport.
  1. Click Next, then Sign in. If everything went properly, you'll see your account online.

Now the softphone will operate as a user of your Voximplant account. It allows the softphone to call other users of the sip application or external SIP devices having a secure session based on TLS.

Keep things secure and have fun while developing on our platform!