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How to use VMD

Learn if you've reached voicemail or a live person during the call. And if voicemail is reached, know when you can play a pre-recorded voice message to leave it in the inbox.

Our AI-based voicemail is highly precise in detecting pre-recorded audio messages, which allows us to detect voicemail or an answering machine.

To have access to this functionality, use the AI module in your scenario (see the further examples).

Power dialer

Let's start with a simpler scenario – an agent calls customers using some call list and while he reaches voicemail he sends some pre-recorded mp3 message to the inbox. In terms of VoxEngine scenario this code will look like as follows:

power dialer

power dialer

Predictive dialer

In case of predictive dialing, we don't rely on a live person to detect voicemail, since it's an automated process, and we don't want to spend call center agents' time. Since voicemail systems behave differently it's not possible to offer a 100% guarantee in the case of automated voicemail detection. So, we will use the same detectVoicemail function to analyze the audio stream in both pre-connected and connected states of the call. The handlers themselves will be the same as in the Power dialer example:

predictive dialer

predictive dialer

So once voicemail is reached, the corresponding variable will be set to true, otherwise, it will be set to false. A developer can make a decision depending on the data while forwarding a call to a free operator using ACD and CallList modules for predictive dialing.