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Working with SIP registrations

SIP registration is a feature that allows Voximplant to behave like a softphone that is connected to some third party PBX. Using it, you can easily forward calls from your PBX to Voximplant without performing complicated trunk configuration.

Creating SIP registration

SIP registrations can be created and managed in the control panel or using API.

During creation, you'll need to specify at least the following parameters:

  • proxy – the address of your provider's SIP proxy, you can add a port number if it's different from standard 5060 port, e.g. sip.provider.org. By default, Voximplant uses UDP transport, if you need to use TCP, just add ;transport=tcp to the proxy address. So in the most complicated case, this field will contain something like sip.provider.org:5090;transport=tcp

  • username – the user name, e.g. user12302

  • password – the password that was given to you by your provider

Also, it may be required to specify outbound proxy and auth user parameters, but most of the providers don't require that.


Please note that SIP registrations are charged monthly according to our price list. So if you create a SIP registration and delete it immediately, your account will be debited for the SIP registration monthly fee.

SIP registration statuses

In the control panel, you can see the status of each registration you created. There are currently 3 possible statuses:

  1. Successful – the registration was performed successfully.
  2. In progress – Voximplant is about to initiate the registration that has been recently created or modified. Usually, the provisioning process takes up to 2 minutes.
  3. Failed – Voximplant attempted to perform SIP registration but it wasn't successful. Usually, it is a result of some SIP error returned by the SIP proxy. Status code and message can be obtained in the information tooltip in the control panel.

When a SIP registration status changes from Successful to Failed and vice versa, the email notification is sent to the contact email addresses and the HTTP callback is invoked. You can learn more about HTTP callbacks in this article.

Making calls from Voximplant using SIP registration

To make a call using SIP registration you need to pass the regId parameter to the VoxEngine.callSIP function. The registration id can be found in the SIP registration list in the control panel, or in the GetSipRegistrations and CreateSipRegistration functions' response. Usually, you need to specify only the username/number of the called party.

Configuring SIP registration

To process calls that are sent to Voximplant, you need to attach a SIP registration to an application (in SIP Registrations section of an application menu) and select the desired routing rule that will handle the calls. Please note that you don't need to configure the rule pattern in this case - the rule will be chosen for all the calls to this SIP registration.