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How to use your own CallerId

CallerID of the calling user is what is displayed to the callee. Normally it's some phone number that can be used for callback. Learn how to set your own CallerID in Voximplant.

Please note

Test numbers rented from Voximplant can't be used as CallerIDs, the values can be only real numbers.

The caller id should be specified in your JavaScript source code for scenarios. You can use the following phone numbers for callPSTN:

  • phone numbers rented from Voximplant;
  • phone numbers confirmed via the Voximplant control panel;
  • incoming call phone number, if a JavaScript session has an incoming call.

To confirm your own phone number and use it as caller id, go to the Caller IDs section of the Voximplant control panel, enter the number and click Add:

Then, you’ll be asked to verify your number. You’ll get a call from the Voximplant cloud, and the robot will tell you what your verification code is. When you’ve entered it, click Send code:

After it’s been done, it will be possible to use the number as a caller id.

Please note

If you want to set a Russian phone number, the following information is for landline phones only.

HTTP API methods

The same actions can be executed via our HTTP API.



Activates the CallerID by the verification code.