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How to use test numbers

You can rent test numbers from Voximplant to check and debug your scenarios. Learn how to rent test numbers and access them from PSTN/SIP.


On the Voximplant control panel, select My phone numbers on the left menu and then select Buy new phone number in the upper right corner.

The phone number interface will be displayed. Select Test numbers, select one or more test numbers and click Buy selected.

After you’ve bought a number, you'll immediately see this number on the list.


You have to associate a test phone number with one of your Voximplant applications to be able to call it. To do so, go to Applications, click on the needed application and switch to the Numbers tab. Here, click on the Available tab, select a number and click Attach.

Now you can call one of the access numbers displayed on the page and enter the test phone number as an extension. That's it.

callPSTN restriction

You CANNOT substitute test numbers as callerId while calling the callPSTN method. If a test number passed as the callerId parameter to this method, your scenario will fail during execution.

Thus, you can call test numbers (using your own mobile/landline phone or SIP), but cannot initiate calls from them.

Test calls using your personal phone number

You can use one personal phone number to test calls from the platform without renting a phone number from Voximplant. To do that:

  1. In the Numbers section of the control panel, choose Test numbersTo make calls and click the Add test number button.
  2. Enter your personal phone number and wait for the confirmation code.
  3. Enter the code and click Verify.
  4. Specify your number in the callPSTN method in your scenario: VoxEngine.callPSTN(yourPersonalPhoneNumber, default);
  5. Now you can start testing.

You can also verify your number with the corresponding methods of our Management API:

Please note

You can make only 100 test calls per day and no more than 3 per minute using your personal phone number. When you are done with test calls, it is recommended that you rent a phone number from Voximplant and pass verification.