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How to connect your own numbers via SIP

You can connect your numbers via the SIP protocol in several different ways depending on features supported by your carrier.

Using SIP trunk

If you can configure a SIP trunk on your side, you can simply forward calls from your existing carrier to Voximplant using your full application name as a SIP peer address if the following prerequisites are met:

  1. Carrier supports specifying domain name in a To header instead of an IP address. The full domain name of your Voximplant application (i.e. myapp.myaccount.voximplant.com) must be put into the domain part of the To header, otherwise a call cannot be processed correctly by Voximplant.
  2. You need to whitelist the address of your carrier's endpoint/proxy server in the Voximplant Control panel.

Using SIP registration

You can make a Voximplant register on your carrier's proxy/SBC. To do that, you need to:

  1. Create SIP credentials on your carrier's proxy.
  2. Use these credentials to create a SIP registration in the Voximplant Control panel.
  3. Attach the newly created registration to a Voximplant application to specify a scenario to be used for processing incoming calls.
Passing dialed number when using SIP registration

Usually, the To header contains the dialed number, but in case of SIP registration there most likely would be the username associated with the registration. Thus, you need to find another way to pass the dialed number depending on the capabilities of your carrier, e.g., by using Diversion or some other custom header.