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How to route call between applications

Voximplant allows calling from one application to another within one account, yet to call from one Voximplant account to another. Learn how to do it using the callSIP method.

First, you have to create two Voximplant applications: appAlice and appBob.


Go to the appAlice application, switch to the Scenarios tab to create a callSIP scenario. The scenario is going to imitate a call from user2 to user1 of appBob. Pay attention to line 8 where the original callerID is specified as an extra header:



Attach a phone number (e.g., a test one) to the application, then go to the Routing tab and create a rule with this scenario and the attached number.


Go to the appBob application, switch to the Users tab and create two users: user1 and user2. Then go to the Scenarios tab to create an incoming scenario which calls user2 and substitutes the value received from another app as callerID and displayName:



Go to the Routing tab and create a rule with this scenario. From now on, all the calls landed to the appBob application will be forwarded to the user specified in the appAlice application.

Log in as user2 in advance

You have to log in as user1 using any client, for example, our web phone: https://phone.voximplant.com/

When you are already logged in as user2 in a client, you may call a rented phone number via your personal mobile or SIP phone, this call will land to a client. Meanwhile, the session log of this call will claim that the participants were user1 and user2.