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How to enable two-factor authentication

Voximplant control panel has the two-factor authentication feature which provides more secure access to developers’ accounts.

Before going to your settings, you will need to install an authenticator application on your mobile device, e.g., Google Authenticator, available for both iOS and Android.

Once you’ve installed an application, go to Profile settings and click Enable at the bottom of the page.

The enabling dialog will appear.

Open the authenticator on your smartphone and either scan the barcode provided, or enter a code in the application.

Then, you’ll see a temporary one-time password in the application. You will need to enter it manually in the One-time password field and click Enable.

From now on, each time you enter your login-password pair, you will be also asked to enter a one-time password from the authenticator application.

To disable 2FA, go to Profile settings, click Disable at the bottom of the page, then enter a one-time password, and click Disable.

As has been demonstrated, it’s easy to enable this new functionality which can’t be overestimated in terms of security. Be safe, stay productive, and enjoy developing with Voximplant.