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VoxEngine calling capabilities

Phone numbers

Voximplant offers a large variety of numbers from almost every country in the world: mobile phone numbers, landline, and toll-free. Moreover, there are test numbers that are designed for debugging purposes and creating demo applications. Once you’re registered on the platform, you can easily rent any of these numbers.


Both inbound and outbound SIP calls are supported for interacting with an external PBX, SIP trunk, or endpoint.

Public network

Communication with the phone network is also supported: call numbers and accept calls from PSTN carriers (i.e. phone network) from all over the world. Please remember a valid caller ID must be used when placing a PSTN call. All phone numbers purchased from Voximplant are automatically verified. Note that phone numbers of some countries may require additional verification steps due to legal requirements. You can also verify a phone number belonging to another provider from the control panel.


"User" is an entity that is created in a Voximplant application. Users belonging to the same application can call each other with the support of our media servers or in P2P mode.

Call lists

Call lists are designed to interact with Voximplant's call list processing functionality. If there is a *.CSV file with names/phone numbers/UTC etc. of your customers, you could upload it to the Voximplant cloud. Then our cloud starts calling customers from this list, string by string. This functionality is the basis of our PDS (Predictive Dialing System).


VoxEngine is able to create one-to-many and many-to-many conferences for both audio and video. The former is started by a call and then makes the number of outgoing calls (up to 49 calls, see the session limits) to the other endpoints. The latter takes up to 100 incoming calls and it can still do outgoing calls up to a limit if required by business logic. Choose the conference type to suit your needs.

Automatic call distributor

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a mechanism of distributing incoming calls among call center agents. The distribution is based on a concept of a queue – each call is placed in the queue(s) and then is assigned to a free agent immediately or after some time (the time depends on agents' workload).

Push notifications

Voximplant has a push service implemented to manage the push sending flow: a developer can register on our platform, add his or her Google/Apple certificates (service accounts) within the Control panel, and, then, he/she'll be able to receive push notifications on an incoming call or incoming message from users of the same Voximplant application.