ASR parameters



interimResults: Boolean

Enables/disables interim ASR results. If it is "true", the ASREvents.InterimResult will be triggered many times according to the speech.


model: String

Recognition model. Select the model best suited to your domain to get the best results. The possible values are listed here: ASRModelList. If it's not specified, the DEFAULT model is used.


phraseHints: Array

Preferable words to recognize. Supported by the Google profile only. Note that phraseHints do not limit the recognition to the specific list. Instead, words in the specified list will have a higher chance to be selected.


profanityFilter: Boolean

If set to true, the server will attempt to filter out profanities, replacing all but the initial character in each filtered word with asterisks, e.g. "f***". If set to false or omitted, profanities won't be filtered out.


profile: String

Profile that specifies an ASR provider and a language to use. The possible values are listed here: ASRProfileList.


singleUtterance: Boolean

Enables/disables single utterance. It is true by default, so the ASREvents.Result will be triggered after every utterance. If it is false, there are two cases: 1) if the speech is shorter than 60 sec, ASREvents.Result will be triggered in unpredictable time. You could mute the mic when the speech is over - this will increase the probability of ASREvents.Result catching 2) if the speech is longer than 60 sec, ASREvents.Result will be triggered each 60 seconds