string customData

Custom string associated with the call session. It can be passed to the cloud to be obtained from the CallAlerting event or Call History using HTTP API. Maximum size is 200 bytes. Use the Call.sendMessage method to pass a string over the limit; in order to pass a large data use media_session_access_url on your backend.


object extraHeaders

Optional custom parameter (SIP headers) that should be passes with call (INVITE) message. Parameter names must start with "X-" to be processed. Headers size limit is 200 bytes


VideoCodec preferredVideoCodec

Preferred video codec for a particular call that this CallSettings are applied to. VideoCodec.AUTO by default. For android, overrides ClientConfig.preferredVideoCodec global configuration.


boolean setupCallKit

Specify if the outgoing call on iOS will be made with CallKit. Applicable only for outgoing calls. IOS ONLY.


VideoFlags video

Tells if video should be supported for the call