Represents the result of an intent response.



action: string

The action name from the matched intent.


allRequiredParamsPresent: Boolean

This field is set to: - false if the matched intent has required parameters and not all of the required parameter values have been collected. - true if all required parameter values have been collected, or if the matched intent doesn't contain any required parameters.


diagnosticInfo: Object

The free-form diagnostic info. For example, this field could contain webhook call latency.


fulfillmentMessages: Array

The collection of rich messages to present to the user.


fulfillmentText: String

The text to be pronounced to the user or shown on the screen. Note: This is a legacy field, fulfillmentMessages should be preferred.


intent: Object

The intent that matched the conversational query. Some, not all fields are filled in this message, including but not limited to: name, display_name and webhook_state.


intentDetectionConfidence: Number

The intent detection confidence. Values range from 0.0 (completely uncertain) to 1.0 (completely certain).


languageCode: String

The language that was triggered during intent detection. See Language Support for a list of the currently supported language codes.


parameters: Object

The collection of extracted parameters.


queryText: string

The original conversational query text: - If natural language text was provided as input, query_text contains a copy of the input. - If natural language speech audio was provided as input, query_text contains the speech recognition result. If speech recognizer produced multiple alternatives, a particular one is picked. - If an event was provided as input, query_text is not set.