Configuration either to create a new conversation or restore a previously created conversation.



object customData

Custom data of the conversation (up to 5kb).


boolean direct

Set if the conversation is direct.

There can be only 2 participants in a direct conversation which is unique and the only one for these participants. There can't be more than 1 direct conversation for the same 2 users.

If one of these users tries to create a new direct conversation with the same participant via Messenger.createConversation, the method will return the UUID of the already existing direct conversation.

A direct conversation can't be uber and/or public.


Array<ConversationParticipant> participants

Set the conversation participants.

The participants array can be later changed via:

  1. Conversation.addParticipants
  2. Conversation.removeParticipants


boolean publicJoin

Set the conversation to be public or not.

It can be later changed via Conversation.publicJoin.

If true, any user can join the conversation via Messenger.joinConversation by specifying its UUID. Use the Messenger.getPublicConversations method to retrieve all public conversations' UUIDs.

A public conversation can't be direct.


string title

Set the conversation title.

It can be later changed via Conversation.title.


boolean uber

Set if the conversation is a uber conversation.

Users in a uber conversation will not be able to retrieve messages that were posted to the conversation after they quit.

A uber conversation can't be direct.