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Video conference through Voximplant media servers

Our team proudly presents a brand new video conference functionality with SFU, up 100 members, Endpoints etc.

Making Video Calls in Safari

By default, Safari uses only the H264 codec while other browsers use both H264 and VP8 popular codecs. To fix the issue, you can explicitly specify a video codec list conventionally called “scheme”.

Screen Sharing in Voximplant

Screen Sharing allows you to share information on your screen during a call. You can share the entire screen or one of the active windows.

Video Recording

This tutorial explains how to use our new functionality to build video recorder web app using our Web SDK in minutes.

Запись видеозвонков

Если звонок сделан не в P2P-режиме, то медиапоток проходит через наши серверы и его можно записать.

Video Conferencing

VoxImplant lets developers embed a Skype-like functionality into any web or mobile application.

Peer-to-peer video chat

Peer-to-peer data transfer capabilities available in WebRTC-enabled browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/other) helps with the quality of communication (law latency) and scalability.


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